Doctrine Repositories and autowiring in Symfony 3.3

Symfony has had autowiring in some capacity since version 2.8, but until the fairly recently released 3.3 it was mostly there as a "use it if you want to, but we're not really recommending it" feature. With 3.3 however autowiring came back with a vengence, and for me personally (as some listeners to…

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How to make the most of Symfony on Heroku

We love Symfony. We also love Heroku. If you've been listening to my podcast, Sound of Symfony, you probably know that I have complained a lot about the difficulties of making Symfony and Heroku play nicely together. We've recently launched a client's app on Heroku, and as opposed to our internal…

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When you need bundle dependencies

It appears that my post on bundle dependencies has attracted attention, not only on Twitter, but Marc Morera has also responded in a post on his blog calles "You probably need bundle dependencies". I have great respect for Marc, and I think that our positions on this matter are more similar than…

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You probably don't need bundle dependencies

Update: When you're done reading this, make sure to read Marc's response, and my response to Marc. I was reading up on Twitter, regarding what's missing in Symfony, and one of the things suggested was bundle dependencies. Turns out that Marc Morera has actually written an interface for handling…

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